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  • Faith Communities Psychometric Validation Study/CRIS Study
    Explores the development and refinement of the African American Protestant Faith Communities Scale (AAPFCS) which consist of a parent and adolescent version. The scale examines the theological orientations within African American Christian faith communities.Funded by the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship and Starter Grant.
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  • Religious Socialization Project
    Investigates the different socialization strategies churches and parents employ to impart religious values to adolescents. A goal of this project examines how churches communicate race-related messages to adolescents. Funded by the National Science Foundation Starter Grant.
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  • Holy Hip Hop Project
    Examines the role of sacred and secular rap music as a conduit to facilitate faith among African American adolescents.
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  • Community Psychology and STEM Education
    Community psychology is interested in developing strategies to enhance the quality of life or well-being of individuals.
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  • Southeast Raleigh Mathematics and Science Initiative
    Designed specifically to enhance the science and mathematics achievement of elementary students from low-income communities. . Funded by the National Science Foundation Starter Grant.
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  • Sustainability, Energy, and Engineering (SEE)" REU and "Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)" REU
    Evaluate the success of each REU program as defined in terms of three factors: (1) skills and knowledge enhancement; (2) attitudes towards research; and, (3) programmatic issues.
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  • African American Daily Life Experience Study (AADLX)
    A collaboration effort among Howard University, NCSU, and the University of Michigan. Dr. Robert Sellers' NIMI grant funds this study. • The goal of this longitudinal research project is to investigate the role of racial identity development for African American college students throughout their four- year college experience. • This study also explores the extent to which everyday contexts and racial salience are related to changes in stable aspects of racial identity over a period of a year.
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  • The African American Health Disparities Initiative
    A partnership between Dr. Jonathan Livingston at the Institute for the Study of Children, Youth and Families (ISCYF) at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) and my research lab. This initiative is committed to improve the knowledge of health risks (e.g., cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS, diabetes) prevalent in African American communities regardless of socioeconomic status. This initiative employs the dramatic arts to educate the public on African American health issues as well as collect and analyze data on health disparities. Sponsors the African American Male Conference.

  • Homelessness Community Learning Experience (HCLE)
    A partnership with the Salvation Army - Wake County that began in fall 2006. This extension and engagement outreach initiative, a requirement of Dr. Martin's community psychology course, helps students learn about the multiple, systematic factors that contribute to individual homelessness especially entire families who become homeless. The nurturing program helps homeless mothers residing at the shelter with their children learn additional, effective parenting strategies that focus on communication, discipline, and moral development. Continue to develop age appropriate curriculum materials