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Recent Publications:

Martin, P. (in-press). Theology and faith development among African American adolescents: An integrative approach. In Tammy Mann, Hiram Fitzgerald, and Nancy Hill (Eds.), African American Children's Mental Health: Development and Context.

Adkins, A., & Martin, P. (in-press). Praise Him with song: A content analysis of religious themes in Gospel Rap. In Andre Johnson (Ed.), Critical Approaches to Hip Hop and Religion.

Decuir-Gumby, J., Martin, P. & Cooper, S. (On-line access, Forthcoming). African American students in Private, Independent Schools: Parents and school influences on racial identity development. Urban Review.

Martin, P., Bowles, T., Adkins, T. & Leach, M. (On-line access, March 27, 2011). Black mega-churches in the internet age: Exploring theological teachings and social outreach efforts. Journal of African American Studies, 15(2), pp. 155-176.

Martin, P., Adkins, L., Bowles, T., Robinson, S., & Butler-Barnes, S. (in-press). "Does heaven have a ghetto?": The Gospel and the gangsta in the religious socialization of African American adolescents. In Lee Jones (Ed.), Revolutionary Rhetoric: Consciousness & Contemporary Hip-Hop.

McAdoo, H. P., Martin, P., Livingston, J., & Leach, M. (2011). African American and Mexican American Parents: Stress in Rearing Children with Disabilities and Cultural Socialization Factors. In Deborah Parker and Herbert Green Jr. (Eds.), Challenges Facing African American Families in the 21st Century (pp. 73-95).

Hamilton, J., Moore, C., Powe, B., Agarwal, M. & Martin, P. (2010). Perceptions of Social Support among Older African-American Cancer Survivors. Oncology Nursing Forum, 484-493.

Martin, P., Bowles, T., Leach, M., Manesh, A., Adkins, L. & Barnes-Butler, S. (2009). Underachievement and success of African American males in school settings: Integrating critical race and ecological perspectives. Journal of Minority Issues and Economic Development, 48-71.

Hart, K., Martin, P. & Livingston, J. (2009). A dream deferred: Untangling systematic and ecological factors associated with the disproportionally of African American males in special education. Journal of Minority Issues and Economic Development, 72-84.

Leach, M., Martin, P., Bowles, T. & Taliaferro, J. (2008). Our souls look back in wonder: The spirituality of African American families surviving Hurricane Katrina. In Singleton, D. (Ed.), The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: Educating traumatized children prek through college (pp. 47-62). Maryland: University Press of America.

Butler-Barnes, S., Martin P., Dixon, S. & Robinson, S. (2008). Theological orientations within the African American Protestant church and their relationship to racial identity. African American Research Perspectives, 40-53. [Invited Occasional Report Edited by Letha A. Chadiha, Ph.D.]

Martin, P. & Adkins, L. (2007). Ethnic diversity in religious practices: The call of community psychology for exploring the intersections of faith and race. Pamela Martin (Ed.) for the Committee on Racial and Cultural Affairs Submission. The Community Psychologist, 40 (1), 15-16.

Braden, J. & Martin, P. (2007). Prevention. In R. J. Morris & T. R. Kratochwill (Eds.), The practice of child therapy (4th Ed.), (pp. 495-518). Needham Heights, MA, US: Allyn & Bacon.

Martin, P. & McAdoo, H. (2007). Adolescents' perceptions of sources of racial socialization: The African American church and parents. In H. P. McAdoo (Ed.). Black Families (4th Ed) (pp. 127-142). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publication.

Sellers, R., Copeland-Linder, N., Martin, P., & Lewis, R. (2006). Racial identity matters: The relationship between racial discrimination and psychological functioning in African American adolescents. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 16(2), 187-216.

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Martin, P., Lounsbury, L., & Davidson, W. (2004). AJCP as a vehicle for improving community life: An historic-analytic review of the journal’s contents. American Journal of Community Psychology, 34 (3-4), 163-173.

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